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Welcome to Good Feel Coffee. Where truly fantastic coffee meets even many causes. Built on a love of coffee and a want to support great charities, Good Feel was born. Our coffees currently raise awareness and money for Testicular Cancer, Breast Cancer and Mental Health. So go have a good feel!

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The Original

Supporting Testicular Cancer Awareness. So make sure you have a Good Feel.

The OG of the Good Feel Coffee world. If we were to personify this Coffee it would resemble Snoop Dogg himself.

Grown 1700 to 2000 meters high in the famous Ethiopian Coffee region of Yirgacheffe.

Buy Now and Support Oddballs

A Girls Breast Friend

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Coppafeel! So make sure you have a Good Feel.

The Leading Lady in the Good Feel Collection. But don't get it twisted, this coffee is sweet and chocolatey.

Grown in close proximity to three volcanoes in Guatemala at 1650 meters high!

Buy now and Support Coppafeel!

How Have You Bean

No really. Have you been feeling okay? Sales from 'How have you bean' support Mind the Mental Heath Charity.

This Coffee is for everyone, everyday. It delivers clarity and brightness in the cup. Something we at Good Feel are trying to give to people lives.

If you need to chat about anything, call the Samaritans on 116 123

Buy now and support Mind Mental Health Charity